Welcome to the Donn Clark Gallery

Welcome to the Donn Clark Gallery


Welcome To The Donn Clark Gallery

Silent Wind 005b,for screen,net
Marksman2, screen saver,net
Red Dancer
Silent Meditation,net
Leader of his People,net
Ceremony, screen saver,net
Meditation, oil on canvas,,net


Donn is temporarily inactive in participating in doing art shows but will resume as soon as the shutdown of the pandemic lifts.

Donn says, "I know its a lot to ask, but hoping the shutdown will lift by August so I can do the Santa Fe Indian Market in August." Donn will continue to post new works during this world stand-still. Please stay tune. You can see new works on, "Available Paintings".


This page has paintings that have not yet sold and are obtainable through contacting the artist directly from this site.

On THE GALLERY page, these paintings have already sold, however paintings can be reproduced through contacting the artist, where an original can be produced.


On this page you can find a biography about Donn as well as other small bites of up coming events.

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Music was written by Donn Clark.